Topnotch Tiger Lily


Trail Class prospect

Tilly seems to be a natural at trotting and loping over poles

See on-line video, taken spring 2010, after only 40 days training

Trotting over poles

Left lead lope
We were late to get moving on this mare's training and it's a shame because she probably would have been out there competing in trail classes by now if we had started earlier. But all her potential is still waiting to be put to good use.

At the end of about 40 days training in spring 2010, Tilly was consistently taking both leads with smooth transitions into the lope and back down to a trot. She has an attractive, comfortable trot, an easy, cadenced lope, and really she surprised us with her agility and willingness at going over poles.

We took Tilly on a trail ride and she acted great, just like the seasoned trail horse that was was with her. This mare is just a solid good horse. She is nicely built, prettily marked, and has a very agreeable disposition. She should be a good candidate for any number of potential horse jobs.

    Name: Topnotch Tiger Lily
    Sex: filly
    Birth date: April 8, 2007
    Price: $1,300
    Color: sorrel
    Markings: rear stockings,
      Sire: Zip to the Topnotch
    Dam: Lily Cash Kat
    AQHA registration: 4980250
    HYPP: N/N

Photos above & right: April 2010, 36 months
Rider: Alexxis Jones, age 14

Height: 15' 0"    Weight: 925 lbs as of 6/25/10

See on-line
video, taken

at age
four months

As of July 2007
at three months

Height: 11' 3"
Weight: 365

Photo: four weeks old

Photo: three months old

Entry from July 2007, age four months:

This filly was born stout
and hasn't changed. Look how tall she was at one day old (photo below). Many newborns can scoot right underneath their dams. Not her. Too big.  Then she gained a full 100 pounds and three inches in height during her first four weeks of life. Her legs are straight, she's balanced and porportionally correct, and beautifully muscled up. I'm not trying to breed halter horses, but she looks like she'll qualify anyway. Her dam goes back to leading halter sire Obvious Conclusion, so maybe I shouldn't be too shocked.

Tilly is full sister to Polly Topnotch and Inquisitive Zip Kat (look at movement for both of them at age two in our on-line videos). Both of her older siblings have been very good-minded and athletic. I see no reason why Tilly shouldn't be just as good or better. As of August 2007, at four months, she's on track with development, as she leads, picks up her feet, can be touched anywhere, and is very gentle and friendly. All signs are that she'll be just as easy to train as the others.


Photo at left: One day old.

About the funny clothes: Tilly was born on Easter weekend, during which we had a severe cold snap. The freeze killed the blossoms on virtually all fruit crops in the region and temporarily defoliated most trees. The wind howled and bit like deep January. We didn't have a foal blanket handy, so I put my down vest on her to help her stop shivering. It snaps up the back, so if it gets caught on something, the snaps pop and it falls off without tangling or strangling.

Topnotch Tiger Lily's pedigree


 Zippo Pat Bar

Zippo Pine Bar  

 Dolly Pine

 Mr. Rusty Zipper


Madam Tiffany  

 Rusty Bailarina
 (sire) Zip to the Topnotch

Sonny Dee Bar

Topnotch Sonny

Nosey Susie
Sassy Topnotch

       King Eternal
  Sunny Eternal

 Dixie Delmineo
Topnotch Tiger Lily


 Obvious Conclusion

Obvious Prophet

How D Poco Lynn

PJ Prophets Go Lucky

Sonny Go Lucky

Prettier Than

Sweeter Than
(dam) Lily Cash Kat

Zippo Pine Bar

Kat Man Zip

 Hilltops Kitty Kat
    Lupes Cash Kat


Silver Cash

Miss Cash Harris


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