Polished Top Brass


In the spring of 2009, Braxton went to Indiana, bought by trainer Dan Durnell, who specializes in color breed shows. We hope Braxton becomes a winner.

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    Name: Polished Top Brass
    Sex: gelding
    Birth date: March 28, 2007
    Price: $1600
    Color: dun
    Markings: rear stockings, star
     Sire: Zip to the Topnotch
    Dam: Docs Glorious Genie
    AQHA registration: 4980249
    Photo at right: 18 months old
    Height: 15'0" Weight: 921 lbs
    as of February 2008, 23 mo.

Braxton has the right combination of assets to have a a real shot at making a splash in the show pen. His strong points are a really slow lope and an extremely easy-going nature. Nearly all our Zip to the Topnotch sons and daughters are good-minded, but this gelding might get the unflappable award.

Braxton's Videos

Age 21 months
First ride ever

Age 18 months
Trotting & loping

Age 11 months
Round pen work

Age 4 months
Baby gaits

18 months (9/08)

21 months (12/08) First ride ever

On December 31, 2008, at 21 months, Braxton had his first ride. We got it all on video. As expected, he was absolutely calm. Nobody even worried when the cat ran out in front of him. He tried his hardest to do what was asked, and transferred his  groundwork training to a rider's cues without a hitch. Rider Clara Vaughn had him turning, trotting, stopping and backing on that first ride, without anything being an issue.  He seemed fine with it all and was focused on trying to feel safe and balanced with the weight on his back.

  seven months (11-07)

 seven months (11-07)

 Braxton was born cream-colored, but shed off his baby hair to reveal a rich brassy gold coat underneath. Each winter, the bright color is hidden under a fuzzy tan coat with dark points, but every spring shedding has revealed a brilliant sheen that lives up to his brassy name.

five weeks (5-07)

four months (8-07)

Braxton's pedigree


 Zippo Pat Bar

Zippo Pine Bar  

 Dolly Pine

 Mr. Rusty Zipper


Madam Tiffany  

 Rusty Bailarina
 (sire) Zip to the Topnotch

Sonny Dee Bar

Topnotch Sonny

Nosey Susie
Sassy Topnotch

       King Eternal
  Sunny Eternal

 Dixie Delmineo
Polished Top Brass


 Doc Bar

Doc Clabber

Camelot Clabber

Jim Doc

Drifters Boy

Drifters Doll

Dolly Bim
(dam) Doc's Glorious Genie

Juan Lake

Bayo Lake

La Mota 15
    Glorious Grace


Hustlers Yo Yo

Miss Danity Skip


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