Little Pine Creek Construction

Mountain View, Missouri

Owner Comments

Architect Bob Stevens

"Glenn is competent, trustworthy, and easy to work with."
---Bob Stevens

Structures designed by Bob Stevens
     built by Glenn Vaughn & crew

Bob Stevens, Mtn. View, retired to his native region in the early 1990s, after a distinguished career in Cincinatti, Ohio, as a practicing architect and as the head of the architecture department at the University of Cincinatti. 

Bob Stevens' home, Mtn. View, built 1992

Since his "retirement," Stevens has guided the development of downtown Mtn. View, designing the Mtn. View Community Center, Public Library, and several new buildings and renovations for Southwest Baptist University.

Mtn. View Public Library, built 1999

Glenn Vaughn and his crew have built five of Stevens' designs, starting with Stevens' own home,  plus two other private homes and two public buildings.

Musille home, Mtn. View, built 1994

"I've always had a good working relationship with Glenn," said Stevens, referring to the five projects on which Stevens maintained oversight while they were under construction.

"Architects often find that contractors resent architectural input, and they end up at odds with each other. Glenn was never like that."

Mtn. View Golf Pro Shop, built 1995
All photos May 2007

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