Little Pine Creek Construction

Mountain View, Missouri

Owner Comments

George and Marilyn Momper's House
Rural Mtn. View - Summersville area

All Photos May 2007

Designed by Marilyn Momper and built in 1995,
this Cape Cod house has been a comfortable home for the Momper family to raise their five children.

Hosting a Graduation Party

Rear View

West Side

"I know the designer/builder relationship can be tricky. I was afraid a man builder would dismiss the ideas of a woman designer, thinking since he knew more about building, he would also think he knew more than I did about what I wanted." But that wasn't a problem. "His foremost priority was that it be the house I had in mind, not the house he might have in mind."

While the house was going up, Marilyn recalls, "I was going to make a major change in the roofline to make the design simpler and easier to build. But Glenn balked. He said, 'Then it won't look like the picture. It's my job to make it look like the picture.' Even though it made things more difficult for him, he wanted it to look like my vision."

The Momper and Vaughn families have remained firm friends long after the house was finished.

 "My feelings for Glenn are
gratitude and admiration.
I love my house and he made it happen."

--- Marilyn Momper

Reflecting on the Graduate's Accomplishments

May 2007, owners George and Marilyn Momper celebrated with family and friends the graduation of daughter Karen as Summersville High School Valedictorian. In this photo, George is telling guests about Karen's future plans.

From left: daughter Delania Momper, Marilyn, George, Karen, homebuilder Glenn Vaughn, daughter-in-law Katherine Momper, and son Malachi Momper.

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