Name: Lily Cash Kat
    Sex: mare
    Birth date: April 10, 2000
    Price: $2,200
    Color: sorrel
    Markings: two hind stockings, blaze
    Sire: PJ Prophets Go Lucky
    Dam: Lupes Cash Kat
    AQHA registration: 4171188
    HYPP: N/N
    Breeding status: open

Height: 15'0"
    Weight:  1000 lbs

    Photo at left: November 2007, Lily leading weanling filly across Little Pine Creek. Rider: Denise Vaughn

Lily's status, June 2010

This is a solid, healthy, well-trained, versatile, reproductively sound mare with a very quiet disposition. She is ready to ride. The last two times we hauled her to a group trail ride, she served as the extra horse for riders who didn't have one. Both guests did just fine with her and thought she was a very pleasant mount.

Progress report, written Spring 2008

Lily is a great combination of open show horse, trail horse, and brood mare. Even as a two year old, she was a well-mannered trail horse, not bothered by much out in the woods, and quite willing to go on solo trail rides without getting flustered.  She'll cross water and has been hauled to big rides with lots of horses.

Lily also has a fair amount of training as a show horse, but was not shown because she never slowed down at the lope enough to be truly competitive in Western Pleasure in the AQHA circuits. She's half-sister on the dam's side to our champion show mare Topnotch Cadence. Lily would probably do well at the open shows, in western pleasure and horsemanship.

At age four, Lily became a mother, and now has three fine offspring. Each year, after we wean her foal, we put Lily back to work as a riding horse, and each time she has remembered her manners and has been just fine to ride despite having many months off the job.
In the summer of 2006, after weaning her foal, Lily was doing pivots, turning with leg cues, and taking her leads loping on the first ride out.  (Photos on this page taken during that ride)

We also have a video of that ride (available by mail), and in it you can see she hadn't forgotten how to be a good saddle horse.  We loaned Lily out for the fall of 2007 for trail riding and got good reports on her performance.

Photo above right and 4 photos below: August 2006, first ride after weaning her foal. Rider: Clara Vaughn

Trot right

Trot left

Right lead lope

Left lead lope

In the fall of 2007, we pulled Lily out of the pasture after many months off for the foal, and took a trail ride with three weanlings. Lily was great, ponying the baby along, crossing the creek (see photo top of page) and standing quietly for dismounts while opening gates. It was like she had been ridden all along.

Lily hasn't had any trouble with pregnancy or delivery, and the foals are healthy. Her 2004 gelding, Inquisitive Zip Kat, is really smart and athletic. He was a pleasure to break out as a two-year-old, no trouble at all, just like his mom. Polly Topnotch, Lily's 2005 filly, has been a dream to train and show as a two-year-old, winning blue ribbons at her first shows. Her 2007 baby, Topnotch Tiger Lily is a knockout gorgeous hunk of a filly, and might be the best yet.

Lily's pedigree



Obvious Conclusion  

 Buz's Baccarat

 Obvious Prophet

 Tee Jay Roman

How D Poco Lynn  

 How D Jacklynn
 (sire) PJ Prophets Go Lucky

Sonny Dee Bar

Sonny Go Lucky

Heavenly Fire
Prettier Than

       Sugar Bars
  Sweeter Than

 Crash Bang
 Lily Cash Kat


 Zippo Pat Bars

Zippo Pine Bar

Dolly Pine

Kat Man Zip

Tomcat Dude

Hilltops Kitty Kat

Boaz Daisy
(dam) Lupes Cash Kat

Spot Cash

Silver Cash

 Sassy Nick
    Miss Cash Harris



 Miss Fizz


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