In the summer of 2008, Genie was purchased by a family from western Canada, who drove all the way to Missouri to pick her up. We hope she is doing well north of the border.

Sex: mare
Birth date: May 2003
Price: $1,950
Color: Dun
Markings: star, right hind sock
Sire: Jim Doc
Dam: Glorious Grace
AQHA registration: 4385631

Photo at right and below: age 27 months
Bottom photo: age 3 months

As of March 2006:
Height: 15' 0"
Weight: 1000 lbs

What a sweetheart!

Genie wants to please, and she was having fun on this trail ride in August 2005, after only about a dozen rides ever. She never did anything wrong on this ride - led the group of three horses, followed behind, stopped and stood nicely, didn't hardly fuss when she had to wait behind for a while. At this point she was still just a baby and had very little experience, but had a willing disposition.

Since then, Genie has had about two months of professional arena training, and now takes her leads, moves off the rider's legs, pivots and sidepasses. She has some additional trail riding experience.

Genie is gorgeous, with a beautiful head and near-perfect dun-factor (big dorsal stripe, zebra stripes on the legs, and minimal white markings). She's a pale cream color, a sharp contrast to her black mane and tail, but her mane complements the cream with a light frosting of white hair.

Color breeder's dream. Anyone looking for a future brood mare should look twice. We haven't tested her, but Genie is almost surely homozygous for black legs. And since her daddy carries the cream gene that produces buckskins and palominos, there is a chance that she inherited that as well, hidden under the dun markings. To top it off, she's a Doc Clabber granddaughter, with a cutting horse build - a wide chest and well-muscled rear end. Genie is double registered with AQHA and ABRA (American Buckskin Registry Association.)

Genie's pedigree

      Doc Bar
    Doc Clabber
Camelot Clabber
  Jim Doc  

Drifters Boy
    Drifter's Doll

Dolly Bim

Docs Glorious Genie      

Juan Lake
    Bayo Lake
  La Mota 15
  Glorious Grace  
Hustler Yo Yo
      Miss Danity Skip




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